The Spirit of The Lord  is upon me, because He has appomited me to proclaim Good News to the Poor (Luke 4:18)

I don’t know about you, but I feel a need for some Good News today.  As we watch the world, read newspapers, view social media, there is so much Bad News out there.  Nine people senselessly gunned down in church. Entire Christian comminites annihilated in the Middle East.   People murdered at a convenience store.  Children addicted to drugs. Families broken apart by the pain of divorce. Job loss, uncertain futures.  I spent time last week at our Annual Confernce hearing about churches being closed.  Good faithful congregations have disappeared. Bad News blares at us.

All of which leaves us feeling, well, a bit poor in Spirit.  That what Bad News does, it drains our souls leaving us empty.  But if one listens closely one can hear a stronger, clearer better voice.  While the Bad News may seem stronger  because its louder we ought not be fooled. Listen and you will hear a voice saying, I have come to proclaim Good News.

Yes I watched with horror the unfolding of the murders in Charleston. I heard voices crying out loudly in anger. But then as I listened I heard other voices, voices of the faithful in that room that night stand where that young man could hear them and offer him Good News “We forgive you.  If you will repent Jesus will come to you”  A witness to the truth of Jesus and the power of love and forgiveness.  Good News.

I see no mater how hard evil factions try to slience the church through genocide they can’t silence the witness. The voices of the martyrs rise, the power of the Holy Psirt falls. Jesus moves.  People are Born again.

Maybe you are like me and you need to hear the Good News. I encourage you to listen closely. You will hear the voice of Jesus reminding you His News is Good. Jesus, our Immanuel is with us.  The power of sin has been broken. Death has lost it’s power.  God is moving in your life, you are not alone.

I’ve  chosen to name this blog efengyl which means Good News in Welsh.  In the early 1900’s in a time of great spiritual poverty in Wales, peaople began to pray. They looked for and believed in the Good News.  God came the Welsh Revivals broke out. If we began to listen to that voice, what might happen to us

in Christ,

Dr. Brian Jones <><


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