Life Is Fleeting…Sort of

“Then I saw “a new heaven and a new earth,” for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea.” (Revelations 21:1 NIV)

Life is fleeting. That’s one of those phrases we say, or read all the time without really thinking about what it means, let alone ask ourselves how that plays out in our own daily lives.

Life is fleeting. Fleet. It’s fast. And that’s true. Life does move at an incredibly rapid rate and the longer we live on this earth the more time and events seem to accelerate around us.  How else can I explain the fact my youngest daughter,who I would swear to you is still a baby, graduates from High School this year? How did that happen? Yep, me and Tevye wandering around singing “Sunrise Sunset”

Life is Fleeting: It doesn’t wait for us. If you have an opportunity to make something happen then you better do it.  You may never get a second chance. Life may move on without you if you aren’t careful.

Life is fleeting. Before you know it, life can be over. While we act as if we have all the time in the world, the truth is our lives exist only by the most fragile of threads. Our lives resemble a candle lit in the darkness. They seem powerful and bright but the slightest puff of air, and blow it out.

Life is fleeting. I’ve seen so many examples of this in the past several weeks. I’ve had two friends from college die in the past week or so. One succumbing to a long-term illness, the other to a car wreck that took his life and the life of his wife.  I received a phone call asking me to pray for the family of a young boy, still in elementary school who dies suddenly. I’ve prayed for those who are watching loved ones beginning to fade away. Watching for that last strand of life to snap. Life is fleeting.

Life is fleeting.  And in the swiftness of life as it moves from cradle to grave it also seems incredibly unfair. I’ve read many testimonies of how God used people to change other’s lives. And now they are gone. C’mon Jesus. Couldn’t you have let them stick around a little longer and help a few others?

Life is… No that’s not right. Life isn’t fleeting at all. If life were fleeting what we do on this earth really wouldn’t matter much would it? Why even bother knowing that in the blink of an eye we’ll be gone. What difference does what we do  or think, or do make anyway? Life is fleeting.

God’s word reminds  us that life isn’t fleeting at all.  Rather it’s eternal. Jesus tells us in John 14 that He is preparing a place for us in Heaven. Our Scripture from Revelation reminds us that the Bible ends laiming  the eternal joy of those who have faith in Christ as Jesus receives us home.

Life is eternal. Oh yes, our life here on earth passes quickly, but it’s supposed to. This was never meant to be our home. How sad if it were? Do we want a world of decay and war where every good things fades away from time to be our home?

Life is eternal. The reality is that my friends who have died, because of their faith in Jesus, are not gone. They are alive. More alive than anyone reading this blog. Every sin washed away, every tear wiped from their eye by God. Every scar removed.

Life is eternal. So choose well where you spend your time and what you tend to dwell on. Learn to dwell more on the things of life that have eternal significance and not so much those things that have only a temporal value.

Life is eternal. So give your life, if you haven’t yet to Jesus. Every decision we make in life has eternal significance. How we treat others has an eternal significance. How we care for the hungry or hurting. But the most important decision we will ever make is to accept Jesus as our lord and savior.

Life is eternal.  What will you do with yours?
In Christ,

Rev. Dr. Brian Jones <><


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