What matters

“You are good, and what you do is good; teach me your decrees” (Psalm 119:68 NIV)

Home. What does that word mean to you?  I suppose it might depend on your experience. Home could be a place of neglect or despair. A place where you felt unloved, or in turmoil. But hopefully your image of home is better than that. Home is a place where we have familiar sights and smells.  A place where you feel loved and cared for.

Home is in some ways a difficult word to define. It probably means something  different to almost everyone.  But for most of us home is simply this, the place  where things simply feel right.  You know it when you find it. Home is the place you return to  in order to make sense of the world. It gives you a foundation to figure everything out. It gives you a place you can return to when the world is in turmoil. You know it when you are there. Hom just feels right.

More and more lately I’ve been retreating to this verse in the Scripture. Or at least retreating to its central thought. God is good.  Maybe in it’s simplicity we miss the profundity of that statement.  God is good. Well yes, we know. We say it all the time. We sing about it. But I’ve found myself coming back to that simple statement and making it home. God is good has, in many ways, become home. It’s the place where everything makes sense. Its the place where everything seems right.

Yesterday my youngest daughter participated in Graduation Sunday at church. And even though I was reappointed  last year, I had the great privlege of getting to preach  at that service.  And the one thing I tried to stress to these young people, indeed to everyone, not miss out on the fact God is good.  We don’t always know what lies ahead of us. We can’t always know God’s plans for us. But perhaps we don’t need to. Because God is good and what He does is good.  When I know that God’s plans for my life are good, I don’t need to know what’s coming around the corner. I have a good God who will not bring His children to a bad destination. God’s plans for us are good.

That same day, in the afternoon we went to the funeral of a family member of a dear friend.  Many wept even as we sang and worshipped.  But sitting in that pew it occurred to me the Good God we celebrated as these young people go into the world, is the same good God  that welcomed His child Home. The circumstance was different, the emotions were differnt. But God was still good in both places. He is a good God when the world is ahead of us and he is good when we find our home in eternity.

Life can change. people change. Most certainly Our plans change.  But he doesn’t. God never changes. From the before time He is good. When time ends He will still be good. The faster my life moves, the more transitions I experience, the more I find rest in the goodness of God.

What about you? Have you experience His goodness? Has the goodness of God become home to you yet? We cannot stop time. We cannot stop the transitions in life. But when the goodness of God becomes our home, we begin to see that it doesn’t matter. Life will change. We change. But God is always good. Have you experienced the goodness of God? Has it become your home?


In Christ,

Rev. Dr. Brian Jones <><


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