“A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling.” (Psalm 68:5)

I have a love/hate relationship with air travel.  I love the short time it takes to get somewhere, and hate the long lines. I love the convenience, but hate the expense.   I also hate the ever changing schedules of flights. They can leave later or from a different gate than you were told.  Anything can happen.

because I hate missing a fight I’ve always tried to get to the airport early and build in a ridiculous amount of  time in a layover.  I’d rather have a two hour wait before I make a connecting flight than to worry  about missing a connection, losing luggage etc. And my limited experience has told me that  the ridiculous amount of time I allot for layovers  is not always so ridiculous. If you’ve flown, you know  how quickly that hour and a half lay over can melt away in front of  you.

Besides there is always something to do. Wander around.  read or people watch.  Airports are fascinating places to watch people as they travel to new places, or try to make their way home.  You see long lost friends a family reconnect and files say goodbye as  a teen steps onto the bridge of adulthood  on their own.

But while I enjoy people watching sometimes it can have a residual effect on us. A few years ago I sat in  the airport in Seattle,waiting to make a connection to Oregon the last leg of a long journey that day. I watched the people as they passed by when suddenly it hit me. As I watched these people no one was watching me.  In fact, I was ignored by every person who walked past. Which stands to reason. I was only passing through I’m not from that part of the country. Terre is  no reason why anyone  would have glanced my way.  But it  occurred to me that all the people who knew and loved me were  all the way across the country. I was utterly alone and passed by, unseen by the people in Seattle.

It passed quickly, of course. Most of us have had a similar experience at one time or another, usually when we are in a strange place, surrounded by strange people.  But once we are back amongst our friends and family, it passes.

But not always.   Some of us experience the pain of loneliness and being forgotten on a daily basis.  We feel as if not only does no one understand us, we feel as if the world simply passes us by. We may wonder if anyone cares about us. We may wonder if anyone sees the pain and loneliness we carry.  In our darker moments we might even wonder it anyone would notice if we were gone.

If you’ve ever felt that way, I’d ask that you sit down today and read  Psalm 68.  You’ll see a verse from it at the top of the page. In the Psalm, David says God  cares for the orphan, the widow, the poor (homeless) and  the prisoner.  In David’s society there were no more marginalized and potentially passed over people than the orphaned, the widow the homeless and the prisoner, because they had nothing to offer the world, the world passed them by.  No one to care for them, passed by unnoticed by the world.

But David says while the world may not see you, God does. why the world may not care about you,. God does. While the world may not have any solutions  to your problems, God does. We are  not ignored, we are not passed by. God loves and cares for those the world has passed by.

Can you imagine? A God who comes not just for the Kings of this world. Not just for the prosperous and popular, not just for the holy and the high, but for those who have been ignored by the world. God loves you when you have no money. God loves you when you’ve made bad choices. God loves you when you don’t fit in with the rest of the world.

God sees and loves you. You are not forgotten. He is the father to the fatherless, the protector of the widow and he loves you.


In Christ,

Rev. Dr. Brian Jones <><


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