“Nehemiah said, “Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks, and send some to those who have nothing prepared. This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the LORD is your strength.” (Nehemiah 8:10)

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“Knock, Knock”  I don’t really have a knock knock joke for you today.  I just wanted to set the stage for our blog today  I noticed that several of my clergy friends embraced the idea of celebrating Holy Humor Sunday.  Holy Humor Sunday, in case you haven’t heard, is a Sunday designed to have an entire service centered on the them of Humor. Funny stories and jokes are told by various people within the church.  Or a funny video might be shown, Or if the church has a clown ministry, that might be highlighted.  You get the idea, it’s about laughter.

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Thankfully the denomination hasn’t latched on to this.  If they do we’ll be given envelopes for that Special Sunday and be called to support the “Don Rickles Foundation for curmudgeonly clergy”  And nobody wants that.

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I know it sounds like some new age way to bring people in the church. But before we bemoan the loss of decorum and wanting to celebrate the Three Stooges more than the Trinity, we need to know Holy Humor Sunday isn’t new.  In fact the ancient church celebrated it as a regular part of their year.

Surprised? I know it might be difficult to think of St. Augustine telling the one about the two Pharisees that walked into the bar, but it’s true. Holy Humor Sunday traditionally takes place the Sunday after Easter.  Apparently the early church embraced the idea that the resurrection of Jesus was something to give us joy.  And it should bring a smile, even laughter to our lips. How can the Saints of God be sad, knowing Jesus rose from the dead?

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Before you ask, no, we didn’t do a Holy Humor Sunday this year. Mostly because I have the sense that being funny, really funny is hard.  And pulling it off in church is even more difficult. And so I’ve been hesitant to try something that could cause our worship to go down like a lead balloon.

But I do want to embrace the idea we’ve got something to smile and laugh about. Jesus is still alive. The tomb is still empty. The power of sin and death have been destroyed forever. The Holy Spirit dwells within us.  It just keeps getting better the more you think about it.

It’s not that we ignore the dark places in our lives. We know that while Jesus is redeeming the world, there is still a long way to go. But I hearken you back to our opening Scripture.  We aren’t gathering strength from our joy. Our joy can be fleeting.  No, Nehemiah says the joy of the Lord is our strength.

I think that’s why I love this verse so much, and wonder why we preach it so seldom.  Look how invitational it is. “Come on in, grab some dessert, get a snack and a drink. We’ve got something to celebrate.” It’s about living within the ongoing party of the Kingdom of God.

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So have your own Holy Humor day.  Tell a joke or two (Just remember it’s about Holy Humor). Laugh some. Allow yourself the space to enjoy the day God has given you. After all the tomb is still empty. And that’s enough to make any of us smile.


In Christ,

Rev. Dr. Brian Jones <><


Cheating Yourself?

“what we have seen and heard we proclaim to you also, so that you too may have fellowship with us; and indeed our fellowship is with the Father, and with His Son Jesus Christ.”  (1 John 1:3)

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I am admittedly a huge baseball fan. Beyond the end of winter and the warmer weather, I think I enjoy spring because it heralds in a new season of baseball.  And I follow my team, The Cincinnati Reds, pretty faithfully , even in bad times. They’ve been my team since I was a young boy.  I can remember many nights listening to the radio broadcast of a game being played on the west coast,long after I was supposed to be asleep.

And I can tell you that there is no place like Cincinnati  for Opening Day. It’s an unofficial holidays people take to the streets, go to the parade and make their way down to the stadium.  Local cover bands abound at every turn.  I’ve been to 24 Opening Days in a row. And I wouldn’t miss it.

The Reds lost their opening game. They didn’t look good. And I fear that the words reds and loss might be written together more than I’d like this year.  It rained hard for three innings.  There have been years that an Opening Day like that, flat play a loss and mediocre weather would probably have set the tone for my entire year of baseball watching.

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But when people asked me how was the game, my response was, great.  I had a great day. Over the years my perspective has changed about the importance of that day.  It’s not that my passion for the game has waned at all. It’s merely paled in comparison to the company I keep.

You see, this is the 24th year my son and I have been to that Opening Day game.  It’s our day. It’s amazing how he went in a blink of an eye from a toddler I had to carry up the steps and worry that he might fall to this handsome married man,  (much taller than I) in the blink of an eye.

Now that he is married, working and going to school, coupled with our move, we don’t see him as often as we would like. Life and schedules get in the way. But hat day, Opening day is our day.  We laugh, eat and talk about things that aren’t important and yet of great importance at the same time.  The day becomes great because we get to spend time together.  Do we enjoy it more when our team wins? Sure. But the joy comes from our fellowship.

It occurs to me that perhaps we all might benefit from having that perspective when it comes to church.  Often we come to church looking for the win? That life changing sermon, the special piece of music that blows us away.  And those things are good. But is that why Jesus calls us to be the church? To make sure somehow, our felt need of the day gets met?

No Jesus calls us to be the church and gather as the church because we need each other. It’s about gathering and simply enjoying the fellowship with God.  We need to that time to set aside to simply enjoy being with him.

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And we need the joy of being with one another.  We are called to be the church to enjoy being in the fellowship of the saints of God.  There is profound ministry that goes on when we come to church and someone smiles at us. Or calls us by name. There is ministry that goes on when a volunteer watched over an active little one so mom and dad can worship.  There is ministry when a child is allowed to speak or sing in church using their gifts, and even making  a few mistakes every now and then. That’s where they learn about grace.

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What if we looked forward to church simply for the fellowship? The fellowship with God and with the fellowship of others? It might change the way we evaluate church altogether. You’re going to have Sundays when the pastor isn’t at his or her best. The furnace doesn’t work, the liturgist reads too fast or mumbles. The children’s choir is distracted. But what if we could be at the place where all of that happens, and when someone asks us how was church, we would look back and remember the joy of being with the Lord and the fellowship with the broken, beautiful saints God surrounds us with and said, “You know, it was a great day?”


In Christ,

Rev. Dr. Brian Jones <><