Getting The Right Rhythm

“For God alone my soul waits in silence; from him comes my salvation” (Psalm 62:1 NRSV)

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It has been some time since a new blog was put out.  I wish I could say it was because I took a break from writing to concentrate on my own personal spiritual walk. Or that I was waiting until I felt the Holy Spirit move me to write something of great importance.  The simple truth is that life got in the way.

You know what that’s like right? You have plans to do something, maybe something you look forward to and  life rears its ugly head.  maybe it’s a vacation or a long overdue date with your spouse. You’re all dressed up, literally headed out the door when one of the kids does his/her best Exorcist imitation. The whole thing, turning green the kids head spinning and projectile… well you get the idea.

Of course it doesn’t have to be a big thing like that. It wasn’t for me and writing. It was just a lot of stuff that needed to be attended to.  I simply got too busy to write.  That’s  a struggle for me because I like routine.  And when things come up, even important things that I have to do that are out of the norm, it throws me off. In essence it throws me off my rhythm.

Rhythm is important, but it’s crucial we get into good rhythms and not bad ones.  The other night a group of us were at one of these restaurants where they come out and continually offer you meat. They come with skewers of steak filets, chicken, pork, flank steak etc. One of the guests and I commented on how easy it is to get into a rhythm of sampling and eating way more than you should. But because of the pacing and rhythm you can become unaware of your gluttony. But once that rhythm is broken and you stop for a moment, perhaps stand up, it becomes painfully obvious you over extended yourself.

Rhythm is important in our walk with Christ as well. That’s why having a daily time of devotion is so important for us. It begins a rhythm that can carry us through the rest of the day.  It’s not so much about fulfilling a “Christian duty” (although that’s not  a bad thing) bt about establishing a proper rhythm for our lives where Christ is at the center of all things and His Holy Spirit breathes on and through us during the day.

But like all rhythms they can be broken. In fact I will guarantee that if you attempt to set up a devotional rhythm or your life, the world ill begin to set up a counter rhythm that can throw you off. So how do we not only establish a good rhythm, but deal with the broken rhythms in life?

The best way to start a Godly rhythm in your life, to borrow from a cliched shoe add is : just do it. You’re the best judge on what rhythm works well in your life. But once you find one just start. Find a time to pray. read your Bible. That really is enough to start. Establish other spiritual disciples are good and having great devotional material to supplement Scripture can be great.  I’m merely suggesting we not get ahead of ourselves. These two things, prayer and scripture, done on a regular basis will be enough to begin a proper Godly rhythm for your life. If you can establish a regular time for this it will help establish that rhythm and keep you consistent.

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Don’t get angry when the rhythm is broken. Or resentful.  And don’t be surprised. As we said life can throw us off our rhythm.  Learn to be flexible. This is about your walk with Jesus, not becoming too legalistic.  If the rhythm is broken and truly unavoidable, it’s Ok.  Find another time  to reestablish your rhythm that day. Know that God loves you even when you get bogged down and the rhythm to your life get’s broken. It’s about joy, not about overloading yourself with guilt.

Finally have the discernment to know at times God Himself will break your rhythm.  At times he may call you to lay aside the Bible and minister to someone. Or find joy in the time spent with a loved one who needs to talk. When your rhythm of discipleship is broken begin by asking God what he is showing you.

Have you got your rhythm yet?


In Christ,

Rev. Dr. Brian Jones <><






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